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When I was a kid, I used to play this game of wandering around my house with my eyes closed. I would test myself to determine how long I could manage to make my way about using senses other than my eyes. As an adult, I took the game to another level. When I was worried about one of my kids and didn't really know what the future would hold, I began a walking meditation practice at a nearby park, and I'd practice with my eyes closed. Again I was relying on my other senses, but mainly I wanted to test my ability to trust: Trust that the ground would meet each of my steps. Trust that I wouldn't get run over by a bicyclist, or bit by a goose. Trust that I would stay on the right path. Trust that everything would be okay. In eighteen months, my husband and I will be stepping into the unknown and I'll once more be relying on my ability to trust. In the summer of 2017, we'll be moving to Cocoa, Florida. His work is relocating us, our youngest will be done with school and off to college, and we've found our dream home to be our "empty nest". Over the next year and a half, I'll be working hard to prepare for the move, installing appropriate teachers in my place, and offering as many opportunities to practice with

me as possible. Some of these details are still being worked out, but I recommend checking my website and Facebook page often, and if you see something that looks appealing, my advice is don't wait. I'll be announcing my replacements as we move closer to 2017, but you can count on me to be there for classes until then. To see a list of my ongoing classes, please check the Schedule page. To see a list of my workshops, special classes and teacher trainings, please check the Events page. This was not an easy decision, but the opportunity to step into the unknown and have another adventure was too good to pass up. I have really enjoyed teaching all of you and I hope to see you before I go.

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