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One-on-One Sessions

Offered remotely (via a 30 minute Zoom or 30-45 minutes phone appointment) and may include:

  • Meditation

  • Guided imagery

  • Relaxation 

  • Breathing

  • Stretching

  • Balancing

  • Moving mindfully

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Information About Live Online Classes

Setting Up Your Sanctuary

  • Choose a clear, quiet place, moving out any unnecessary furniture

  • Create a space for yourself with ample room to extend your arms and legs in all directions

  • Place your mat and your computer, tablet or device so you can best see me and I can see you

  • Avoid interruptions (including pets if they are distracting) for the class duration and put all phones on silent or vibrate

  • Please be prepared to begin at the start time, which may mean logging in 10 minutes prior to be sure everything is ready to go

  • For yoga, have on hand a chair, beach towels or blankets and any cushion you may need for your head when reclined.

Getting Online

  • Download your free application of Zoom if you don’t already have it; Zoom works best when using the Chrome web browser if you are using your laptop and not the desktop app

  • Check your internet and minimize programs that could be impacting download speed (such as streaming services like Netflix, Dropbox, etc); if your internet connection slows down during class, try turning off your video camera so you can still see the class, but I can’t see you, which will help decrease the load on your wifi connection

  • Please note that I won't be able to stop class to help you if you are having trouble

Online Classroom Etiquette

  • Once you are on Zoom... "Speaker" view allows you to see me, while "Gallery" view will show other students in the class; this means the other students in the class can see you, too, if you have your camera on; turn your camera off using the video icon at the bottom of your screen if you prefer no one sees you, including me

  • When you enter the virtual classroom, your microphone will be muted to reduce audio feedback; please keep your microphone muted unless you want to ask a question or visit – there will be a microphone icon at the bottom of your screen

  • After class concludes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and visit with the other students, which is the value of being in an online class that is LIVE!

  • I will record the class and Zoom will send you a link to it, but I won't be posting these classes anywhere; these classes will only be shared with those who log in to the class

Tips for Success

  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Practice on an empty stomach and have water ready and available

  • Prioritize! Enter the class on your daily calendar and ask other people to respect your space and practice time

  • Practice with curiosity

About Fees

  • The cancer survivorship classes are offered free of charge through the nonprofit Complementary Cancer Care; if you wish to donate to help support these services for people who cannot afford them, please CLICK HERE to be transferred to their website

  • The Zen Room requires you to pre-register for classes, which cost $10 per drop-in or $80 for 10 classes. Please consider paying for this class! Small local yoga studios are really going to be hit hard during these shutdowns. The Zen Room classes don't require any downloads, just registration. Once registered, you'll receive a link to the class on Zoom.

  • The Tailored One-on-One sessions cost $50 for each 30-minute appointment. Sliding scale is available for those who need it.