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The arch is an engineering marvel. It requires a set of objects to transfer force through them in an equal amount so that each side holds the other and they both hold the entire structure in the embrace of gravity. At the center of this exchange is the keystone, an oddly-shaped bit that allows both arms of the arch to press equally against each other.

I think back to times when I have felt like the stones: pressed from behind and pushing forward without any change in position, just holding my own in the maelstrom of life's forces.

Recently I've been able to feel more like the keystone: holding back the pressures so that the entire structure can stay stable.

In these moments of stability I wonder how many more structures I can act as the keystone for? Who in my family needs to be held today? Who in my community? Does my little keystone have the strength to build a larger structure?

I think we are all keystones to someone or many someones. Close your eyes and visualize who you hold up; who holds you up... I want to see these arches grow and support more people. I believe it's what I'm here to do.

Where are you the keystone? What are your arches?

This is the way we change the world for the better.

This is the way we find happiness for ourselves and others.


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