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Metta Meditation Video

A 2015 study published in the Journal of American College of Radiation found that "Listening to guided meditation significantly lowered biopsy pain during imaging-guided breast biopsy; meditation and music reduced patient anxiety and fatigue without compromising radiologist–patient communication." This piqued my interest and when I dug deeper I found that the guided meditation used in the study was one based on the Bhuddist metta (loving-kindness) mantra. I was so excited to read this because it was a practice I was very familiar with and I soon began to implement it into my classes. I later stumbled across a book called Pathalogical Altruism as I was researching caregiver burnout and found


Today I am looking for that perfect blend of sweet and sour, but it has nothing to do with food. I'm looking for that balance in myself. I know I can be sweet: calm, supportive and kind. I know I can be sour: fierce, combative and sharp. But can I walk the edge between the two? I've been waiting and waiting for my book, Cancer + Yoga, to be edited to my satisfaction and the person I've been dealing with has stopped responding to me. I contacted customer service and they assure me that I only need to wait to hear from her. It's been weeks now with no response to phone messages or emails. I have an event scheduled in a few weeks and I want the book there for that event. It would be really help

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