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If These Wall Could Talk

12 weeks from our big move and this is where we are... Our realtor brought in a stager to tell us what to leave in the house for her to use when we get ready to show our house to prospective buyers. She told us to remove anything in the house that is personal or has a unique quality that might be off-putting to some. After 18 years of struggling to build a personality into our house, we are now dismantling it, day by day. I almost broke into tears yesterday when my daughter took down the glow-in-the-dark stars we put up on her ceiling. All of our family photos are put away, leaving ghost marks on the walls and in the dust. And then the dust is gone, too. Each pump of my heart corresponds to

Every Breath You Take: Lessons from the Oncology Unit and Beyond

Let's talk about the breath, specifically about the times when you want to take a deep breath, but you can’t. I’m going to share with you some stories of how I worked with the breath with my students and myself during challenging times. As you read this, I'm going to encourage you to take a few slow, conscious breaths. Try not to see it as nagging. We all need reminders. Ready? Slowly inhale... Slowly exhale. The charge nurse told me a little about him; he was a man in his late twenties who was being treated for stomach cancer and was experiencing a lot of pain, so she hoped my breathing lessons would help him. Even before I knocked on his door, I could hear him moaning. His room was dark an

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