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Clearing the Filters Part 2

In my previous post, Clearing the Filters Part 1, I wrote about the importance of maintaining the "filters" of the body (lymphatic system) and mind (thoughts and emotions) through asana and meditation. But what happens if there is a breakdown of the flow and congestion becomes total standstill? The role of scar tissue on circulation Breast cancer-related lymphedema is a known side effect of some cancer treatments. Not everyone develops swelling in the affected arm, but once it begins, we don't have any cure, only palliative treatments (as of this writing). Our best approach is to identify those who are at higher risk and be sure they do all they can to prevent it. I mentioned before that th

Clearing the Filters Part 1

Any home or car owner understands the importance of filter maintenance. You clean your lint filter each time you use your dryer, you change your oil filter in your car multiple times a year, and if you have ever had to change the filter in your dishwasher, it is a small trauma you won't soon forget! Lately, I've been thinking of my yoga practice as filter maintenance: working with the physical body to clear away unwanted substances as well as the mental and emotional body to rinse sticky thoughts, memories and emotions. Lymph nodes act like sponges I didn't know much about my lymphatic system when I began working with people who had cancer. I knew that when I got sick, a lump near my jawbone

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