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Working With Cancer

Cancer is the ultimate test of our skillful living; a diagnosis and treatment impacts body, mind and spirit (and in this country, the bank account) for the patient and their loved ones. My passion is helping people face cancer with more ease and less suffering and the best way I know to do that is through yoga.


Free Classes

Lorien's nonprofit offers weekly classes and educational talks: see COMPLEMENTARY CANCER CARE. Subscribe to the nonprofit's website and signup for the newsletter to stay informed about her offerings for people dealing with cancer.


COMPLEMENTARY CANCER CARE's mission is to provide people with services that complement treatment - such as mind-body classes, support groups, creative expression classes and educational seminars - all free of charge.


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Support Comes in Many Forms

Choose your tools from a variety of media to help you manage your physical, energetic, mental, emotional and instinctual well-being when facing cancer. In the Library you'll find video recordings, audio practices as well as reading material about yoga and cancer.


Image by Ying Ge
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