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Working with a live teacher is best, but here are some options for those times when it's not possible to be in the presence of a teacher.

Healing Yoga for Wellness DVD with Lorien is available online at Amazon and in stores near you:

  • Breathe Together Yoga studio (Los Gatos)

  • Pacific Healing Arts (Los Gatos)

  • Cancer CAREpoint (San Jose)

  • Vista Yoga (Altlanta)

Lorien's YouTube channel and Instagram account also contains free videos:


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Click here for some recordings from live classes and workshops that Lorien has done over the years.

The Cancer Support Community has 146 podcasts with topics ranging from "How to Talk to Kids About Cancer" to "Surviving the Maze of Health Insurance" to "Care for the Caregiver" plus so many more. Click HERE for their iTunes account.



The soundtrack to the yoga experience is quite important, so I am very careful in my selections. I find that music can really help to calm an active mind or uplift a sluggish body, deepening the yoga or meditation experience. In general, I prefer music that does not have vocals, especially in a meditative practice. Sometimes, if the practice is more introspective, I will practice simply to the music of my breath, or the sound of ocean waves. The practices that are intended to uplift and move energy will have heavier beats and some singing - sometimes it will even be popular music. Here are some favorite CDs that I recommend:


  • Shamanic Dream by Anugama: good "chill" instrumental for slow flow, yin/restorative or meditation

  • Anjali by Benjy Wertheimer & Michael Mandrell: good instrumental for slow flow, yin/restorative or meditation

  • House Made of Dawn by Coyote Oldman: beautiful wind instrumental good for yin/restorative or meditation

  • Shaman's Vision by David Gordon, Steve Gordon: mellow chanting and rhythmic beats good for slow flow, yin

  • Dakshina, The Essence, Moola Mantra all by Deva Premal: incredibly beautiful vocals good for uplifting flow, yin/restorative (this is the artist I am most asked about)

  • Drala by Drala: good instrumental for uplifting flow, yin/restorative

  • Bali Dua by Jalan Jalan: Eastern "chill" with a few dreamy vocals good for yin/restorative or meditation

  • Yoga Rhythm by Soulfood: mild vocals and rhythmic beats good for uplifting flow

  • Deja-Blues by Steven Halpern: hypnotic beats good for slow flow, yin/restorative

Resources for chronic pain management
Resources for cancer survivorship

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