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The “Healing Yoga for Wellness” is a gentle, therapeutic yoga DVD that offers people tools to feel better. Yoga instructor Lorien Neargarder has worked extensively in medical settings with people with health challenges (cancer, chronic pain, fatigue, mental stress, injuries and physical limitations), and she believes that yoga helps us live in a positive way, no matter our circumstances. "Lorien's yoga is gentle, steady and positively healing. Students of all levels can benefit from this slow and internally focused practice that goes deep into the core sheaths of the body." Tias Little, Prajna Yoga.This video includes practices that are safe and effective and can accommodate various levels of energy, flexibility, strength, balance and mindfulness. There are three segments – circulation, flexibility and relaxation, which can be practiced alone or as a complete routine. Each of the three segments opens and closes with gentle movements that can be practiced on the floor, or even in bed, and all the segments end with guided relaxation and meditation, which can also be selected by itself. The segment on circulation includes standing poses that you can practice in a chair if you are less mobile or steady; four different practitioners demonstrate a variety of options for you to choose from. The segment on flexibility offers methods for opening your joints that include options for stiffness and/or back issues. The relaxation segment presents restorative practices where, with the aid of blankets, pillows and blocks, you learn to relax your body and let gravity gently release tension for you. Two different original soundtracks and a voice-only option are available to ensure this practice stays fresh and beneficial. Using props and the various options demonstrated, anyone managing physical limitations can participate in a healing yoga practice!

Healing Yoga for Wellness DVD with Lorien is available in stores near you:

  • Breathe Together Yoga studio (Los Gatos)

  • Pacific Healing Arts (Los Gatos)

  • Cancer CAREpoint (San Jose)

  • Vista Yoga (Altlanta)

Healing Yoga for Wellness DVD with Lorien Neargarder

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